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The Villa Unterswand, the former hunting lodge of the Herring-Frankensdorf noble family from the 19th century, was purchased by the Austrian architect and project developer Siegfried Meinhart and restored with great attention to detail. It was particularly important to him to preserve the original structure of the building and to combine it tastefully with modern space. The result is impressive. In the Villa Unterswand old and new meet in the most beautiful harmony. In particular, the harmonious interplay of light, material and surface quality create exciting contrasts and a very special feel-good atmosphere.

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In 1895 the Villa Unterswand was built by the noble family Herring-Frankensdorf as a hunting lodge. For a long time, the stately hunting lodge was considered the jewel of the region and, with its lavish festivals and pompous weddings, such as e.g. B. 1955 the marriage of the son Emil Eugen Jemail (whose mother came from the family Schaumburg-Lippe) with Sibylle Herring von Frankendorf, for a lot of gossip and trash. With the takeover and modernization of Villa Unterswand by the new community of owners, new life was breathed into the old villa again. Under the direction of architect Siegfried Meinhart, the venerable walls became a stylish oasis. With its wonderful old stock, it is reminiscent of the heyday of that time and combines it with tasteful, timeless modern elements.

Siegfried Meinhart

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Interview with Siegfried Meinhart


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